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Across the Globe

"Unity is strength, division is weakness."

- Swahili Proverb

Launching as soon as we can get this off the ground. The Fierce Choice Business Directory is free advertising space for struggling businesses, sole-traders and the suddenly unemployed wishing to put their skills out there in some way. 

Obviously with us being a spiritual magazine, an alignment with our subject matter is a bonus, but not necessary. We do not discriminate.

To register, please fill out the form below and you will hear from us soon. We just ask for your patience as we find our feet putting this opportunity together. This page will be advertised on our social media, in our monthly magazine and one business a week highlighted. 

As part of this opportunity, we will also offer you free magazine content for your clients to add value to your offerings and business in order to incentivise your customers. Who doesn't love receiving free stuff right?


**Don't worry, there are no catch or charge to you and we don't require anything in return. This is purely from our hearts to yours, in the hope it can make at least a little bit of difference in someone's life.**

Who this is NOT for: Business, sole-traders that are NOT struggling and that are just after free advertising.

Upload Business Photo or Personal Headshot

Thanks for registering, you'll hear from us when your bio is live.

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