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The fierce Truths Magazine is a family of fierce lightworkers courageous enough to shine their light

Would you like to meet them? 

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Kim Bleeze


Creative Director | Editor-in-chief | Writer

Kim Bleeze is a free-spirited gypsy traveller and wears many hats. A medium, psychic, mentor, teacher, speaker, healer and author. For over 10 years, Kim has worked with clients and students in Australia and Overseas. She has a passion for inspiring people to be real, raw, and awakened to their soul’s blueprint. Which ultimately inspired the birth of Fierce Truths Magazine.

Visit Kim's website:

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Karina Barca

Regular Column: Empowered Healing

Karina Barca is a Melbourne based Medium, Healer, Psychic, Reiki Master Teacher, Mentor, Forensic Healing Practitioner and Facilitator of

‘Sistahood Sundays’. Through her own healing and empowerment journey, her passion became very clear. To serve, inspire and assist all who want to grow, heal, evolve.

Visit Karina on facebook:

Lindie Gunston_fierce truths magazine_edited.jpg

Lindie Gunston

Regular Column: Spirit and Soul

Lindie Gunston is a South African born psychic, medium, and teacher based in Geelong, Vic. 

Passionate about teaching psychic and mediumship development and serving Spirit. Lindie draws on her experience of reading for thousands of people in her career so far, to help her students develop their abilities to a high standard. 

Visit Lindie's website:

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Michelle Luehman

Regular Column: SpiritWise

Michelle Luehman is a healer, guide, spiritual coach and philosopher.  She has  journeyed far and wide working and studying with Shamans, Gurus and renowned Spiritual and Energy Workers.   Coming from a long line of gifted psychics and mediums she has  blended her inherited talents with her learnings.  She is Reiki qualified and a Meditation Master.  She  continues to teach and hone her skills and understanding so that we can all embrace and benefit from our Soul Journey and Spiritual Path. 

Visit Michelle's website:

Paul Quinton_Fierce Truths Magazine expert.jpg

Paul Quinton

Regular Column: Channeling a New Earth

Paul Quinton is a healer, teacher, channel, and writer and grew up in a psychic family involved in the esoteric. His goal is to assist human beings to realise their universal potential by accessing multidimensional aspects of their own consciousness. To heal themselves, taking back sovereignty of their own minds and bodies in a world full of misinformation. I assist souls to assist themselves. Transforming human conditioning.

Visit Paul's website:

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Leila Verban

Regular Column: Movement Matters

Paul Quinton Leila Verban is a creative, writer and a qualified Yoga teacher who is the sole owner of
Earth Side Yoga. Situated at the base of the Eungella Range, she continues to evolve her practice and refine her skills to incorporate counselling, meditation, energy healing and positive manifestation.


Visit Leila's website:

Jasmine Gatt_fierce truths magazine_team.jpg

Jasmine Gatt

Regular Column: Self Love and Woo

Jasmine Gatt is an Intuitive Self Love Coach, Reiki Master, psychic intuitive, hypnosis, NLP & ECT practitioner. Jasmine believes that returning home to ourselves and creating a loving relationship with self, is the way forward. With an open heart, she continues to learn and grow, constantly seeking more knowledge and new pathways to guide herself and others. 

Visit Jasmine's website:

Behind the scenes

Elizabeth Vigor.jpeg

Elizabeth Vigar

Fierce Truths Magazine

In-House Writer

Elizabeth Vigar is a creative, activist, and believer in manifestation and dedicated to reaching a wide audience with the power of written empathic communication. She believes in empowerment and connection through emotive language, and she hopes her words inspire and uplift people. She lives in beautiful Far North Queensland with her two children.

Andreas Karabatos.jpg

Andrew Karabatos

Fierce Truths Magazine

In-House Cover Designer

Andrew Karabatos is a quirky cat lover with an eye for detail. He loves spending his time in cyber space gaming, designing and following other pursues and interest. As well as being a big book lover. Andrew is new to his career and will be our go-to for magazine layout. He is also our founders son... so he may have been coerced! 

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