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Kim Bleeze


Creative Director | Editor-in-chief | Writer

Regular Column: Spirit & Soul (co-author)

Kim Bleeze is a free-spirited gypsy traveller and wears many hats. A medium, psychic, mentor, teacher, speaker, healer and author. For over 10 years, Kim has worked with clients and students in Australia and Overseas. She has a passion for inspiring people to be real, raw, and awakened to their soul’s blueprint. Which ultimately inspired the birth of Fierce Truths Magazine.

Visit Kim's website: kimbleeze.com

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Scott Grasso


Regular Column: Radical Thinking

Scott Grasso is an American-born healer, intuitive, psychic, medium and mentor based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. He is also a marketing communications guru with 25 years of corporate and non-profit experience. Scott’s passion is to guide people out of fear and darkness so they can live a joyous, aware, rigorously honest and abundant life.

Visit Scott's website: scottgrasso.com


Lisa Westgate

Regular Column: Mind Your Mental Wellness

Lisa Westgate is the Founder of Freedom Mindset Training. An inspirational Speaker, Trainer and Best-Selling Author on topics of Mental Health, Personal Evolution and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Lisa’s e-book “3 Keys to Outgrow Trauma: An Alternative Perspective from Lived Experience” are available via her website.

Visit Lisa's website lisawestgate.com

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Eloise Fielke

Regular Column: Earth Whisper

Eloise Fielke is a Melbourne based Intuitive, Psychic Medium, teacher, Kinesiologist, Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner and developing Shamanic Ceremonialist/Spirit Weaver. Eloise is passionate about working with the plant kingdom through ceremony and ritual, and guiding people to develop and deepen their intuition, psychic abilities and connection to spirit.

Visit Eloise's website: eloisefielkeintuitive.com

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Karina Barca

Regular Column: Empowered Healing

Karina Barca is a Melbourne based Medium, Healer, Psychic, Reiki Master Teacher, Mentor, Forensic Healing Practitioner and Facilitator of

‘Sistahood Sundays’. Through her own healing and empowerment journey, her passion became very clear. To serve, inspire and assist all who want to grow, heal, evolve.

Visit Karina on facebook: facebook.com/karinapbarca

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Jo Lastro

Regular Column: Fierce Fitness

Jo Lastro is a 1st-Degree Muay Thai Kickboxer and sole owner of Jo’s Fitness Studio. Muay Thai has made Jo stronger, more comfortable in her own skin, and taught her to have faith and trust in herself. She now hopes to inspire, and help others overcome their own obstacles by sharing her expertise in fitness.

Visit Jo on facebook: facebook.com/jolastrofitness

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Colby Rebel

Regular Column: Spirit & Soul (co-author)

Colby Rebel is an internationally recognized Psychic Medium, Certified Master Spiritual Teacher, Radio Host of the Colby Rebel Show and Best-Selling author located in Los Angeles, CA. Colby is also the founder of the Colby Rebel Spirit Centre where she teaches students how to develop their gifts.



Visit Colby's website: colbyrebel.com

Behind the scenes

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Elizabeth Vigar

Fierce Truths Magazine

In-House Writer

Elizabeth Vigar is a creative, activist, and believer in manifestation and dedicated to reaching a wide audience with the power of written empathic communication. She believes in empowerment and connection through emotive language, and she hopes her words inspire and uplift people. She lives in beautiful Far North Queensland with her two children.

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Andrew Karabatos

Fierce Truths Magazine

In-House Layout Designer

Andrew Karabatos is a quirky cat lover with an eye for detail. He loves spending his time in cyber space gaming, designing and following other pursues and interest. As well as being a big book lover. Andrew is new to his career and will be our go-to for magazine layout. He is also our founders son... so he may have been coerced!