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2023 Forecast with Paul Quinton

Written by Paul Quinton, Fierce Expert, Fierce Truths Magazine.

You are experiencing a global catastrophe of consciousness. Not one human being on the planet isn't affected. The proposition given by all souls is a reunification with the human self; it is the grandest desire for planet earth in 2023. Because, in truth, all crises would dissolve upon reunification with the non-physical aspects of your consciousness.

People are struggling because they don't understand who they are; this is a real global issue that needs adjustment.

This year, there must be an awakening in the mainstream so that the feeling of love, life experience and prosperity can become the focal point. You are gearing up to move the race back into a galactic convergence. You have to make a conscious choice to evolve out of survival mode, and then that intention can bend light to manifest a different life path.

Global leaders are still in denial about many aspects of the planet, and you will see a rise in international conflict. What's happening is that the shadow aspects of human denial are pushing to the surface, and it's creating two primary outcomes.

One. Leaders are moving more onto their shadow selves as the energy surfaces. They feel it more abundantly as aspects of their consciousness are still in denial triggering their decisions.

Two. Leaders are in extreme panic and despair, rendering them unfit for leadership. Furthermore, it will cause much fighting within the governments. The whole world will feel this polarisation in leadership.

China will suffer huge losses this year through many illnesses. The artic circle will primarily create weather patterns that disturb the northern hemisphere, but what is happening energetically is that the Earth's axis is receiving frequencies that are shaking up the etheric body of the planet. It will disturb the magnetic frequency in the Earth's core, creating flooding and weather patterns. From a lighter perspective, the Earth is breaking her chains, releasing herself from the bondage of human denial. It will create fear, but this is a gift as it shows human denial that to keep up the narrative is only harming ourselves. Nature, if it decided, could transform the whole planet in days.

Fear is there to awaken old memories, work in harmony with the planet, and listen to the warning signs.

Covid was the start of an awakening period for all humanity. Many haven't heard, so nature is now calling to awaken those in denial. You have to adopt a more inner life this year, renewing your body, mind and emotions. Pursuing money and possessions will give you a different fulfilment; the more you accumulate, the emptier you will feel. You must go within to feel real love, power, and sovereignty over your life, health, and relationship with yourself.

The stock market will hit some brick walls mid-year, creating much panic, and this is a reflection of your leader's emotional health, as we have discussed. Look for green investments for start-ups that are helping humanity and the planet. Many new start-ups will be birthed over these next five years and need support. The old system of numbers and formulas will take a back seat as the planet's sovereignty becomes the focal point. It is the non-physical desire and that of Earth herself. Be sure to do parasite cleanses this year. Gut health will be at the forefront. As shadow energies arise in the many, these parasites live off those emotions, so looking after your stomach and intestines is essential. There will be issues in the throat and surrounding organs and physicality to the throat Chakra. Get to the beach, the jungles, and the forests this year. Immerse yourself in nature. You will need the balance as the collective human consciousness is in crisis, and all will feel this throughout the year.

It will lead individuals to cling to power in those unawakened, again through leadership and those in the workforce, Micro/Macro.

The time saved working from home should be spent on your inner self. That was the true gift in your recent pandemic. Work on yourself this year, and you are setting the rest of your life up for something better, more fulfilment and abundance across the board.

Stay out of the news narrative. It's designed to stimulate fear, keeping you in survival mode and entranced in misinformation. The global elite is pushing the pedal to hold supremacy over the economy. That's why it's essential to look within for your answers and not be swayed by the narrative they present.

They will attack the awakened community this year in abundance because you hold the truth, and it's your cells that they want to blast through misinformation. Vaccines and fear-mongering around health.

If the awakened ones are shut down, they cannot assist those in the illusion. So be very conscious this year of your emotional and mental triggers. A war is being forged on the frequencies of light, as there always is in a world of polarity. However, this year will see an augmented agenda on all fronts. To envision a more incredible world, you must first fix your inner world, so stop and think before you act this year. If you feel compelled to help in the physical world in some capacity but are still in denial of your own life, be it mental or emotional, you will not be able to assist in full capacity. It may even get in the way and course unnecessary conflict with whatever you are doing or interacting. Moreover, it will diminish the results. Fix yourself first.

The mother force of the divine feminine will be more present consciously. Of course, this is nature as well. But your feminine side needs acknowledgement; it requires your understanding. Healing this part of yourself will be of excellent service to all humanity and mother earth, and this can also be with your physical mothers. Polarity is extreme this year so if you partake in heavy living, you will feel it more than ever. However, if you keep things light, you will feel lighter and clearer, so it's a choice. And this is the main problem on your planet; you are not presented with a choice, only disaster, doom and gloom. It is how the narrative of misinformation is given, always in lack or devastation. It is the surrendering to this reality that keeps you in fear of providing for your family.

There is no need or governments to be fighting anymore. This experience of the reigning ego supreme concluded before your first world war and has led to 100 years of intense fighting because the ego doesn't want to surrender to change to the new Earth's evolution. So, of course, it created more conflict to deny that which cannot be denied any longer. And you are more polarised, more separate from each other than ever before.

Place an image over your town or place of living each morning for the next few months. Visualise unity, laughter and abundance, seeing your community connected and working together, and you will experience the power of imagination!

About the Author

Paul Quinton is a healer, teacher, channel, and writer and grew up in a psychic family involved in the esoteric. His goal is to assist human beings to realise their universal potential by accessing multidimensional aspects of their own consciousness. To heal themselves, and take back sovereignty of their minds and bodies in a world full of misinformation. I assist souls in assisting themselves. Transforming human conditioning.

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