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7 Tips to Living Your Purpose with Passion and Unlocking That Perfect Career

Written by Colby Rebel, a guest contributor.

Are you feeling as if there is something more out there for you, but having trouble discovering what that may be? Do you wake up dreading to go to your daily job, but feel there is no other choice? Do you dream of doing something different yet can’t seem to discover what that may be for you?

We all come here with innate soul purpose. There is an inner destiny and although we know this on a soul level, we sometimes struggle with finding what that may be for us. So, we fall into the daily grind to pay the bills and leave each day with a feeling of emptiness. The key to fulfillment is finding your soul purpose. You can discover your soul purpose by first unlocking your superpower. Your superpower is a quality or trait that comes naturally to you. Discovering your superpower will guide you to unlocking that perfect career you secretly desire.

How do you find your superpower? Start with what comes naturally for you. For instance, are you a good listener? Your soul purpose may be as a counselor or therapist. Perhaps, you have an eye for color? Your purpose may be to make others feel more empowered through fashion, design, or consulting. Do you tend to feel energy around you? You may be here to lend healing in the form of reiki or other forms of healing. All of these natural traits may be your hidden superpower!

By understanding your natural gifts, you can then lean into what that deeper purpose is for you. Perhaps you have been searching for your life purpose and feel discouraged that it hasn’t already presented itself. Most times, we are overthinking our natural gifts. We take them for granted (because they are easy for us) and by default, don’t realize the depths of what we have to offer. When you can look at what comes easy for you and start to put a plan around it, you see it grow. In that growth emerges your true-life purpose. The purpose that makes you feel fulfilled. The purpose that inspires you and ignites your soul deep within.


Look at what you naturally enjoy. Do you enjoy photos and images? Then take a photography class to see where that leads! Do you have a natural knack for words? Perhaps, writing is your passion! You can start by journaling to see how that feels for you. Do you enjoy imaginary stories or true experiences? Learning what inspires you helps to lead you in the right direction.


Let go of not having experience. When you are naturally gifted, you are halfway there. Your talent and skill will make it fun and easy to pursue continuing education. Take on an opportunity to work as an apprentice or internship to help you gain the experience necessary.