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A 6-Step Ritual to Help You Let Go

Written by Kim Bleeze, Fierce Truths Magazine.

A 6-step ritual to help you let go of the old, and prepare yourself to welcome in the new.

What’s that saying…? “All good things come to an end?” Although true to some extent, it can also be challenging when change happens, or something ends. When a relationship, job, experience, behaviour, way of being, or current phase of life ends, letting go can be a little tough for some. And that’s especially true if those things have held meaning in our life at some point.

It’s hard, even when we know that the change may be for the best.

Learning to let go of what doesn’t belong in our life; the pain, the hurt, the loss, the old thinking and who we used to identify ourselves with, is an important aspect of moving forward towards a more rewarding life. Whether that is feeling a certain way, a relationship that needs to change, that job you just lost or the career path you wish to change.

Energetically, letting go of it is really important. It creates room for the universe to deliver an upgraded version of what we need and what we wish to manifest in our in life right now.

Then when we create ritual around that, the letting go process becomes more powerful. This allows us to energetically close the door on what is no longer good for us. It also contributes to the energy of new beginnings that are more worthy of our focus, time, and attention.

So, I’ve created this ‘Letting Go Ritual’ to make it easier for you to find release in all things that need to go. Like all the things that need to change or be removed from your life completely.

Exciting, right? Well, I hope so, because by saying yes to this ritual, you are also saying yes to opening the door and making room for all the new and amazing stuff that is coming your way.

Especially the bits that are related to living your soul purpose, because there has never been a better time to reconnect to what your soul already knows.