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Adaptability - Lessons of Change and Evolving

Written by Jordie Janes, a guest contributor.

As I was sitting here wondering what to write about, I had Spirit push me to chat about what has been happening with myself and those around me. The environment we live in is ever-evolving and changing, so I was advised to look within and understand where and how adaptability affects me, and how these small things ripple into the universe. This came up due to the S.O.P's (Safety Operating Procedures for public health or lockdown). I had adaptability fatigue, and I wasn't dealing with the energies around me. So here is my take on what I have observed while going through this myself.

I have noticed a lot that when we as humans struggle with change, we always go outwards for things to help us. In saying this, Spirit always reminds me that when we sit with ourselves and focus on the calming of the mind, we allow ourselves to see how we can use the change to benefit ourselves, which benefits others around us.

Spirit has a way of giving us choices in the change and allows us to take the right steps to help with adapting to the change, so next time it will be a little smoother. As we go through change, sometimes we forget to embrace it; we often fight it, even kicking and screaming; in saying this, I have kicked and screamed a lot.

My personal experience of change and adapting to the things given to me by the universe was about four years ago when I was made redundant from my corporate job, pivoting quickly to see where I was going. As I was already working in this beautiful healing industry of Psychic and Mediumship, if Spirit didn't push me, I would still be there today. I didn't like change, not knowing where I was going and how my family would react to me being a professional Medium, but Spirit pushes us at the right time, and we know it always happens for a reason.

So even with how the world's energy is now, some of us are struggling with adaptability fatigue.

Remember that if you sit and look after yourself, then the ripple effects of what you do make an impact for all beautiful souls to see.

Change is important for our evolvement and how we adapt to the change knowing we can only do what's right for us. So next time you feel there is too much change in your life, remember to take it a day at a time. And know that we are all in this together.

So focus on the greater aspects of yourself—the mind, body, and soul of you, which is ever-evolving.

Blessings and hugs, Jordie.