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Cleansing - Guard Your Energy

Written by Monique Elouise, a guest contributor.

You might have read my article entitled ‘Grounding - Guard Your Energy’, where I taught you to become more self-aware and in control of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical being. Well in this article, want to talk about techniques to cleanse your energy to wash away negative, draining vibrations from situations and people that may be pulling you down. This will help you feel clear, clean and cleansed so you ready to face life with a newfound positive mindset!

Cleanse Your Energy

Have you had a long day and need to disconnect from people's energy, negativity, or moods? Do you associate your 'work uniform' with work, and can’t wait to take it off? Have you had an argument/disagreement with someone and want to 'clear the air'? Can you feel ‘toxic’ energy or emotions taking over you, and just need to feel refreshed? You need to cleanse your energy to release, refresh and restore your vibration!

Here are some of the best tricks I’ve learned over time from a combination of personal experience, research, and travel around some of the world’s best holistic medicine hotspots.

  • White Sage or Palo Santo: One of my favourite rituals to clear negativity or emotions, is to burn a stick of one of the beforementioned, waving it around in circular motions (ideally with a feather and Paua shell to catch the embers) from your feet, over your body, the top of your head, and all the way down to your feet again. You can have the intention of cleansing and clearing or combine the elemental cleanse saying "Air, fire, water, earth; cleanse, dismiss, dispel" as you do. If you have time, open all the doors and windows and cleanse the whole house while you are at it, paying special attention to dark corners - low and high - as dark energy likes to lurk there.