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Finding Love with Rose Quartz

Written by our fierce writer, Elizabeth Vigar.

For many of us, burdened with emotional wounds, we are struggling to heal our hearts from trauma. Unaware of our need for healing, we sometimes harden ourselves to avoid being hurt again and our energy feels tired and depleted. The Rose Quartz is a healing crystal of heart and love. It has the power to activate our heart chakra, making it possible for us to release negative energies and resonate at a higher frequency. With new strength, we are able to open our heart once again, making room for forgiveness, trust and the power of love. The Rose Quartz, used for thousands of years in ritual and ceremony, is a beautiful milky-pink crystal that has strong symbolic associations with universal love. Love is a strong energetic force that takes many forms: romantic love, maternal love, platonic love and self-love. The Native Americans believed it could rid us of all our negative emotions. The Rose Quartz helps us to open our hearts and purify them of any pain and suffering, guiding us back towards a place of unconditional love, kindness, and compassion. Every woman should own her own precious Rose Quartz crystal because of its' strong symbolic association with love and its' protective qualities. It has a soft energy that guides us back into our feminine strength. As the Mothers of the Earth, we are each the embodiment of unconditional and selfless love. The Rose Quartz can help protect us when we open our hearts, enabling us to stay strong and nurtured during difficult times and when we have the tendency to give all of ourselves to others.

Because of its' unique properties, the Rose Quartz is a powerful healing crystal and popular with many healers all over the world. It holds a gentle energy that will nurture you and guide you to a place of calm and reassurance. The Rose Quartz stone can take you deeply within yourself, healing the pain and traumas you have experienced. It offers the unique gift of connecting us with our innermost desire to experience love in our lives.

Symbolically connected with womanhood, it has the potential to hasten recovery and increase fertility. It can be a helpful stone throughout pregnancy to enhance love and protection for both mother and child. It can strengthen the heart and circulatory system and potentially reduce high blood pressure. It assists with chest and lung complaints and cam help to heal the kidneys and adrenals. It is an excellent crystal to help release impurities from body fluids and contribute to overall wellness. The best way to invoke the power of the Rose Quartz is by making a gem essence. This is done by infusing its' energy in water. Firstly, set your intentions and desires onto your stone and then place it in a bowl of clean water. You can even say a mantra to further direct your intentions. To activate its' energy, situate the bowl where the crystal can be charged by moonlight. Adding rose petals and a few drops of essential oil to the water will increase its' therapeutic qualities and health benefits. Lavender, Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang are perfect, and they will smell amazing. After 8 hours then the tonic will be ready. Transfer the water to a spray bottle and you can use it on your face and neck to give you an energetic spritz. Another simple way to tap into the healing benefits of Rose Quartz is to add some cleansed crystals to your drinking water. Always keep a few Rose Quartz gems in your drink bottle so the water you drink is constantly being energised by the crystals.

By partaking in these valuable personal rituals, we are consciously creating habits to help our hearts to heal and open. This makes room for positive and nurturing emotions: self-forgiveness, self-trust, and self-love.

Wear a Rose Quartz close to your heart to channel your divine feminine power and encourage an abundance of love into your life.

4 Ways to Use your Rose Quartz Crystal

1. Make a Gem Essence by infusing the crystals energy in water, set your intentions, add some rose petals, and leave to sit for 8 hours. Transfer to a water spray bottle and use on your face and neck as an energetic spritz!