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‘Freedom is found in connection’, a new solution to tackle domestic abuse

Written by the StandbyU Foundation, a guest contributor

“I felt broken, lost confidence, and it took a long time for me to recognise what was happening wasn’t ok. I used to keep everything to myself, couldn’t talk to anybody about [it].”

Knowing whether a toxic relationship might escalate, and if, or how, to leave is rarely as straightforward as it seems. The impact of coercive control means we can be left feeling isolated and trapped, with the end of the relationship no guarantee of freedom.

As we look to the Government and services for answers, a study has found that the solution is already in the hands of every Australian (or at least, it could be soon).

Funded by the Department of Social Services, the study tracked the impact of a new solution, called the StandbyU Shield, on the safety and wellbeing of 100 families impacted by domestic abuse.

The StandbyU Shield brings friends and family together into support networks and provides smart watches to keep them connected at critical moments. It means help from people who care is always only a push of a button away.