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Grounding - Guard Your Energy

Written by Monique Elouise, a guest contributor.

It can be incredibly exhausting being too tuned into other people’s energy all the time, so in this article, I’m sharing some ways to ground your energy in order reclaim your personal power and focus on what belongs to you alone.

When you're a highly sensitive person (HSP), it's sometimes hard to tell what energy belongs to you, and what belongs to those around you, because most of us don't give it a second thought. We all have neighbours, colleagues, family, friends, or lovers surrounding us at most given times and as a result, can have the same affect on us as 'energy vampires'. That is, seeking out your positive, shining rays of love and light and unintentionally robbing you of it.

Unfortunately, that means that your energy will be flipped and you're more likely to take on anything negative they may have been feeling. You may also suddenly feel overwhelming emotions like stress, fatigue, upset, sadness, anxiety, frustration, anger or depression - none of which make sense to your own situational landscape. That’s one of the clearest signs you’ve probably absorbed energy unwittingly from someone else and you need to ground back into energy that is your own.

Ground Your Energy

Do you sometimes feel like your mind and emotions have run away on you? Do you get dizzy, lightheaded, suffer from headaches, or feel a bit lost? Do you sometimes feel a sense of disconnect, or as though the 'monkey mind' has been unleashed and you are lacking focus? Do you get caught up in other people’s lives, emotions, problems or even the news?

Try grounding your energy to come back to your truest being.