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How the Healing Power of Affirmations Helped L.A Dawson Recover from Years of Debilitating Pain

Written by Elizabeth Vigar, Fierce Truths Magazine.

L.A. Dawson is not one to give up. Back in 2011, she became aware of the debilitating effects that Lyme disease was having on her body and she was thrown into a world of pain and medication. The symptoms of the disease created in her a vulnerability that led to a gruesome accident. Her recovery has been a painful and challenging journey for L.A. But, but she says it is the desire to leave a legacy that will make her children proud that has given her the strength to find hope, resilience, and healing.

L.A. Dawson is an author, life coach, and health coach who specialises in stress and crisis, and she writes for Social Life magazine in New York City. She became a health and life coach after an accident almost took her life. Nowadays, she feels inspired to take those who are suffering, on a healing journey and help them find hope, health, and peace.

It was October 2011 when L.A. awoke one morning with a paralysed face. By the following morning, she was slurring her words and her face felt painful, tight, and was drooping to one side. She was diagnosed with neurological Lyme disease, which was targeting the nerves in her neck. A doctor prescribed emergency medication to treat the paralysis that was now affecting three-quarters of her face.

This terrifying experience was the catalyst that would trigger a desire in her to seek alternatives to the many medications she was prescribed. She focussed more on her diet and she began incorporating raw turmeric into her daily morning ritual. Her doctors believed it helped significantly to reduce her symptoms of Lyme disease. L.A. was getting back on track and feeling motivated to write again, but then a clumsy accident sent her recovery spiralling backwards. The accident would set a painful tone for many more years.

During a blizzard, fuelled by lightning and thunder, L.A. was at home when she had a seemingly- simple yet devastating accident. After trapping her foot underneath her treadmill and struggling to get free, she accidentally hit her face with full impact 3 times against the machine. The neurological damage she was still experiencing from the Lyme disease made her physically less coordinated and also more vulnerable. She recalls the brutal sensation of her face shattering from the impact.

“There was a lot of blood on the floor and it was shocking how much blood was coming out of my face. I was so lucid that with every movement I could hear all the crackling in my ears. I was in terrible pain and I was broken, but I felt protected”.

Certain that it was not her time to die, L.A. prayed to God and the Angels that she would survive. She could feel protective energy around her and she knew that she would survive this. From the accident, her nose had been “completely obliterated and shattered into pieces” and required emergency reconstructive surgery. Both her face and neck needed to be lifted because she couldn’t swallow. She suffered from chronic pain and discomfort for years to follow including daily nausea, vomiting, vertigo, and lingual lethargy. Her nasal cavity is still damaged. Immediately after the surgery, L.A. suffered from depression.

“I couldn’t look in the mirror. I didn’t look at my face for 6 months”.

L.A. Dawson shared with us what it’s like to live through neurological paralysis and a shattered face. Mind over matter is what helped, she says. It helped her to see a way through the pain and enabled L.A. to consciously direct her own recovery. She believes in the power of words and affirmations. She says that it was her sheer willpower and ability to focus on her thoughts that gave her the energy and strength to keep moving forward.

“There was a lot of blood on the floor and it was shocking how much blood was coming out of my face. I was so lucid that with every movement I could hear all the crackling in my ears. I was in terrible pain and I was broken, but I felt protected”.

She has written an ebook called ‘My Miracle Day’ and she will soon release an online program, ‘The Sympathetic Serenity System’ which brings together affirmations, visualisations, and grounding exercises. She talks about allergies and food sensitivities and the importance of diet in preserving our health. The program contains her articles from Social Life Magazine and the whole-food recipes that assisted L.A. in her recovery of Lyme disease.

“I chose to see miracles and beauty where there were none. I spoke out loud and I demanded my health. You have to cover yourself with the right words because words have power”.

L.A.’s fierce truth is the realisation that she is a strong and courageous person who, with hope, can overcome anything. Although she is still regaining her health, she has the resilience to keep moving forward and dedicate time to her passion. She has devoted herself to sharing with others how they can also find the hope, strength, and courage to overcome any obstacle, no matter how challenging. It is never too late to change your perspective and begin taking care of yourself. Your life is your journey of health and we must all be accountable for that.

Image Credit: L.A Dawson’s private collection

About the Author

Elizabeth Vigar is a creative, activist, and believer in manifestation and dedicated to reaching a wide audience with the power of written empathic communication. She believes in empowerment and connection through emotive language, and she hopes her words inspire and uplift people. She lives in beautiful Far North Queensland with her two children.

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