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How the Healing Power of Affirmations Helped L.A Dawson Recover from Years of Debilitating Pain

Written by Elizabeth Vigar, Fierce Truths Magazine.

L.A. Dawson is not one to give up. Back in 2011, she became aware of the debilitating effects that Lyme disease was having on her body and she was thrown into a world of pain and medication. The symptoms of the disease created in her a vulnerability that led to a gruesome accident. Her recovery has been a painful and challenging journey for L.A. But, but she says it is the desire to leave a legacy that will make her children proud that has given her the strength to find hope, resilience, and healing.

L.A. Dawson is an author, life coach, and health coach who specialises in stress and crisis, and she writes for Social Life magazine in New York City. She became a health and life coach after an accident almost took her life. Nowadays, she feels inspired to take those who are suffering, on a healing journey and help them find hope, health, and peace.

It was October 2011 when L.A. awoke one morning with a paralysed face. By the following morning, she was slurring her words and her face felt painful, tight, and was drooping to one side. She was diagnosed with neurological Lyme disease, which was targeting the nerves in her neck. A doctor prescribed emergency medication to treat the paralysis that was now affecting three-quarters of her face.