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How To Remain Centred - Avoiding Judgement in the Transition of the New Earth

Written by Aeron Lazar, a guest contributor.

"Remaining centred" is one of those buzz words in the spiritual community. But what does it actually mean? As we are working on raising our personal vibration and collectively ascending our consciousness to 5D and beyond, it is crucial to understand the wisdom of being centred.

What does it mean to be centred?

The popular meaning of being centred is that you feel calm, confident, and in control of your emotions. However, a deeper understanding of remaining centred means that we look at the very source of this power of unshaken confidence. And this leads us to avoiding the separation of judgement. Being centred is nothing else than having a divine perspective of our higher self. It is an integral part of our journey and our ascension in this lifetime.

Unfortunately, our 3D conscious ego mind lives in the world of separation. It loves labels and pigeon holes. It loves to form opinions and judge. It also loves the 'shoulda, woulda, coulda' mentality of regret.

We cannot remove our ego. It is a part of us! What we can do though is to become aware of it and catch the ego's thoughts as they enter our minds. We can acknowledge and honour these thoughts but simply choose not to embody them. And as a result, we maintain a place of energetic centre.

The Code of Perspective

3D reality is a pretty turbulent place at the moment, especially during these transitional times as the dysfunctional systems crumble and New Earth is being ushered in. Given the circumstances, it is crucial that we always look to see situations from other perspectives and really try to avoid taking sides, labelling or judging anything.

Everyone else has a different perspective based on their own reality and experiences. All of us are a work in progress and we are all at varying stages of our spiritual development.

When I first started connecting to Beings of Light from higher dimensions, one of the first codes that I have received into my energy field from my Arcturian guides was a Code of Perspective. This was a code that helped me look at situations, people and even my own personal history from a centred place of non judgement.

All of us can play our role in humanity's ascension. All of us have divine gifts which make up just about every shade of colour in the spiritual rainbow.

Together we create such a beautiful spectrum! Yet, we tend to compare our talents and powers, and our levels of experience. We tend to pigeonhole ourselves and others. But in reality, we are all ambassadors for our divine source energy and consciousness here on Earth.

Give people judgement and this creates division. Give people love and light and collectively we can change the world.

Many people very soon will begin to question their realities as they wake up from the matrix that's been pulled over humanity's eyes for an age. It's important that during these times that we remain centred and grounded and that we are all there with open hearts and arms to welcome our fellow brothers and sisters into the New Earth which is being ushered in.

Being centred = being bulletproof

However, being centred is not just about our collective consciousness ascension. It also has very clear benefits for us as individuals.

When we are centred then no matter what life throws at us we are energetically invincible. Situations and instances that would normally trigger a negative emotional reaction within us no longer hold power over us. We sail through them with a sense of inner peace.

When we are separated from our Higher Self, we can easily be emotionally picked off by life and situations that are thrown at us. We can be broken, bent and manipulated by 3D reality as our emotions struggle to cope under the 'weight of living'. We can be easily targeted as situations draw out low vibrational feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, stress.

By remaining centred we activate our spiritual superpower and we become energetically invincible. Nothing can touch us as everything simply bounces off of us. We choose not to invest emotional energy into that which does not serve our highest good, and like a plant that isn't watered, it withers and dies.

When our consciousness sits within our centre it has an energetic 'forcefield' around it.

We all have the power to become energetically bulletproof. This superpower is simply an intention away!

About the Author

Aeron Lazar is a spiritual teacher with full-blown multidimensional abilities, a channel to Galactic Beings of Light, and mentor to starseeds, coaches and lightworkers. As an Akashic Records expert, Aeron Lazar created his own unique method to help his clients remove stubborn energetics blocks to abundance, vitality and harmonious relationships.

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