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Manifesting Your Dreams

Written by Elizabeth Vigar, Fierce Truths Magazine.

What would you say if I told you that your dreams no longer have to be just fantasy, but that they can become real goals that you actively begin achieving right now? Better yet, these goals do not require anything other than a shift in your mindset, a little belief, and some patience. Learning how our thoughts create our reality is at the core of understanding manifestation. To see the positive changes we want to experience in our life, we need to learn how to align our thoughts with joy and love. In doing this, we create the space to welcome everything we want into our life.

Many of us are not aware of how we attract things we don’t want into our lives. We have grown accustomed to and even comfortable with our feelings of fear. We unconsciously believe that we must pay for happiness with suffering. Many of us may even believe that we do not deserve happiness. We worry that there isn’t enough for everyone. This shows through our feelings of competitiveness, inadequacy, rejection, and comparison. These are known as low-frequency thoughts. They can become habitual and make us operate at a lower frequency.

“Fear-minded thinking puts us out of alignment with positive energy. When we are out of alignment with positive energy, we’re disconnected from the support of the Universe.”

– Gabrielle Bernstein

We need to start aligning our thoughts with joy and love. When you have loving thoughts, your emotions shift, and your energy changes. Feeling these high-frequency emotions enables us to resonate at a higher frequency. This is known as realigning with the Universe. You can begin doing this by simply being grateful for what you already have and being open to creative possibilities for abundance. By thinking joyful and loving thoughts, we naturally attract more of those things into our life. But the more we have fearful thoughts, the less we can consciously create space for solutions.

How can I feel joyful and loving when I am sad and depressed?

It takes practice to learn how to manifest good things in your life. When we are feeling low-frequency emotions, it can seem impossible to shift our mindset out of an energetic slump. The best way to start is by becoming consciously aware of your thoughts. When you recognise yourself feeling low-frequency emotions like fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, and depression, try remembering all the things that you already have that you can be grateful for. By doing this seemingly small thing, you can make the necessary shift that will start to produce more positive and higher-frequency emotions. Ask yourself, “are my thoughts in alignment with joy”?

“The real secret is to feel good. To love yourself in the moment and not compare yourself to where you think you should be. Because once you just start being psyched about what is, more of what you desire comes to you.” – Gabrielle Bernstein