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Mind Body Spirit Immunity - Healing with Gut Health

Written by L.A. Dawson, a guest contributor.

Self-care has always been paramount in my life. Eating well and exercising daily was ingrained in me by my athletic father. I learned that a strong immune system has always been key to a healthy body, but the protocols have changed as research changes. It can be daunting to keep up with the information. Getting Health and Life Coaching credentials helped me sift through the endless material.

As I progressed through vegetarianism and back, I realized a healthy immune system is important, but what that means changes based on your body and its’ presenting gut health. We meet our bodies’ needs at the place where it is at NOW. Our gut contains about 75% of our immune systems.

The first step is to assess your gut health. Keep a journal of food sensitivities and eliminate what does not work. You can try to rotate them back in, but carefully, because the goal is to have good digestion without irritation.

Two foods that assist in excellent gut health are RAW turmeric and blueberries. If you cannot tolerate the bitterness of the raw turmeric, then capsules are a good alternative. Blueberries have natural sugar, so I enjoy them three times a week. Too much sugar feeds an inflammatory response in the body, which ultimately can cause disease.

Eat the rainbow! Fruits and vegetables feed all the senses while improving immunity. It is a full body experience to cook a rainbow of foods that we know a