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Protect Your Energy - Balance Your Life

Written by Karina Barca, Fierce Truths Magazine.

We are currently living in a world where our physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health and overall wellbeing are being affected and challenged dramatically. During this time, our foundations are being rocked on many different levels. We are all being triggered in different ways due to our belief systems, trauma, the environmental factors that we grew up with, and the ones we currently have in our lives.

There is a deep need to feel safe physically, mentally, and spiritually. And it’s especially important during these unpredictable and unprecedented times, where fear and uncertainty are at the forefront of the collective on a global scale. So what can we do to help ourselves?

Protecting your aura/energy and instilling firm boundaries is the key. Just as we protect our physical bodies, we also have to protect and take care our energetic bodies. Your aura is your energetic field, which surrounds all of you. When you keep it clear, it helps protect your energy and also raises your vibration and/or frequency.

Here are some techniques that can help to clear your energy

Going for a swim or having a bath with epsom salts or sea salt.

Cleansing yourself and your home with white sage, palo santo, cedar or any other plant/herb that resonates with you. When sageing your home, pay close attention to the corners and behind doors where stagnant energy builds. Due to the smoke released during this process, you may want to remove the batteries from your smoke alarms. Once finished, you may want to leave your home for about an hour. Open the windows upon your return to allow fresh air and new energy into your home. Don’t forget to replace the batteries in your smoke alarms too!

Meditation. This releases stresses and doesn’t allow them to continue building up in your nervous system. If your mind is not quiet, that is perfectly fine. Just allow the thoughts to come and go. When it comes to meditation, a shallow dive is always better than no dive at all.

Wearing protective crystals that are grounding and protect against negativity. My favourites are hematite, black tourmaline, and pyrite. You can also place them around your home, or do a crystal grid with a specific intention. But be mindful of crystals placed on your bedside table. Grounding crystals are best suited for this.

Spend time alone and in nature to recharge. Touch the earth, and the trees, kick off your shoes and socks, and feel the earth beneath your feet to ground yourself. Envision your energy going into the Mother Earth and then her energy entering and filling you on the inside. Do this in a cyclical manner.

Listen to your intuition. Many are looking for connections through devices and social media. All of this is external. Take time to go internally and connect with yourself and your intuition. What are you feeling? Acknowledge your emotions and what is happening within. Build that connection and trust with yourself.

Listen to uplifting music. Sing! Dance! Try some vibrational music such as 432hz and 528hz. Listen to high frequency sounds, singing bowls or chant a mantra.

Burn incense or use an oil burner with your favourite essential oils.

Book a healing session. This will help to address your triggers and clear any blocks, emotions, mental health issues, and traumas, just to name a few. Many healers do remote/ distant energy healing, which can be just as powerful as one done in person. I speak from my own personal experience as a Healer, and also as one who receives both personal and distant healings.

Exercise daily and keep hydrated. Moving your physical body helps move stagnant energy, stresses and also keeps your energy flowing. During stressful times, our automatic response is to be in a state of ‘fight or flight'. Our organs go into overdrive, especially our kidneys and adrenal glands. Keeping yourself hydrated is super beneficial for these organs and your overall well-being.

Practice gratitude and faith. You can do this through prayer, meditation, positive affirmations or even start a gratitude diary. A few minutes in the morning and then again at night can do wonders as it directly connects you to your heart.

The following are some suggestions to help with your awareness when creating boundaries

Pay attention to what drains your energy and limit or avoid those things, places or people.

It’s ok to say ‘no’ to people. Sometimes you need to put yourself first. If you struggle with this or feel guilty saying no, you can gently let people know that ‘now is not a good time'. If your respect yourself and your time, others will learn to do the same

Let go of things you cannot control. Sometimes things are completely out of our control, or at times situations have to run their course. Allow them to do so and find the lessons in the journey. Many times the lesson itself is to let go of control.

Avoid unnecessary drama and gossip. If there are people around you that enjoy or attract these two things, limit your time with them. Change the subject or let them know that you prefer to chat about something else. This can also drain your energy.

Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right. Trust your gut instinct -- your intuition, for they are the whispers if your soul.

Speak kind to yourself and others. Remember: where thoughts go, energy flows. You’ll feel good and so will they.

Keep your faith larger that your fears. Do not allow fear to consume you, as it will trump most positive emotions and beliefs. No matter how bad things seem, most are temporary. It is important to have faith in yourself and that all will be well.

Don’t feed the negativity. You can do this by not engaging, whether it is a conversation, an online chat or a person. Just observe and/or remove yourself from the negative source.

Limit social media. This is extremely hard but important. Especially during this pandemic, where we want to stay informed and connected, there is fear and discordance amongst many. Placing limits helps give rest and balance to your mind and emotions.

Keep in contact with friends and family who make you feel uplifted and loved. Focus on and make time for relationships that are nurturing. These are the ones that feed your soul. It is important to also take note that not all of these suggestions will feel right for you. Trust your intuition and do what resonates with your soul.

All of the above suggestions help protect and clear both negative and stagnant energy. The boundaries allow you to take responsibility, to look after yourself by putting your needs first and deciding what is and isn’t allowed in your life.

Therefore, applying these to your life moves and shifts your energy to a higher vibration. This will help you be and feel more centred and focused. It will bring clarity and allow you to stand in your own personal power.

May you find balance, experience connection, become empowered, be the light, and radiate love.

About the Author

Karina Barca is a Melbourne-based Medium, Healer, Psychic, Reiki Master Teacher, Mentor, Forensic Healing Practitioner, and Facilitator of 'Sistahood Sundays’. Through her own healing and empowerment journey, her passion became very clear. To serve, inspire and assist all who want to grow, heal, and evolve.

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