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Written by Jase Robinson, a guest contributor.

The Fall

Three entities engulfed his body, taking turns like a spiritual brothel. Later realising these are the demons representing his past, present and sovereign. The representations of what he had come to understand were his imbalanced archetypes but also the guides to his true purpose.

Let us start this story at the beginning where a once wannabe entrepreneur was opening, what he thought was going to be his big break, his best idea yet, the one that would work! And so, it all starts with the failure of this projected purpose. The collapse of what he wanted people to see him as because all his life, what mattered most was what people thought of him.

The business eventually left him in what he was to believe was 100s of 1000s of pounds in debt. The collapse led to failures in other areas of life with his partner and two children who needed a man and a father in their lives. Still, instead, the vacant spot was a shell of a soul who regularly broke down and struggled to breathe in fits of anxiety. Eventually, a build-up of tension and lack of communication rose between his partner and him; fiery words spat across a love laden battlefield.

One specific argument led to him rushing to the car to try and breathe but finding himself struggling to catch any life breath as the world around him started to spin and disgruntled roars bellowed from his being.


An irrational mind convinced him to believe that people would be better off without him. As continuations from the business’s failure haunted him in the forms of bailiffs knocked the door to scare a response and letters falling through the letterbox of the once safe door of their home. And to top it all, he found himself with no regular income to keep any of it at bay.

In the belief that no one would be able to help or listen to what he had to say, and knowing he provided no benefit to those around him, he entered a building where his other failing business was, with no intention of walking back out.

With a cliché pen in hand and paper ready for last words, the sudden arrival of another anxiety attack halted his actions, collapsing him in a pile of fatigue with the thoughts of cowardice at the precipice of his mind accompanied by a voice ‘Your Family need you! Whatever you choose, people will think things about you, but their views, just like you, would be forgotten sooner or later!’ And with that, what was once a belief that ‘they’re better off without me and this is the only option’ became a swelling connection to my family and a small inkling that maybe what others thought didn’t matter too much, prompting him to search for answers.

The first one being that voice!


In time the notion of caring about what people thought began to fade little as the journey inward began to engulf his life. Regular practice of intuitive meditations, breathwork and stoic practices followed, opening him to new experiences beyond explanation and his analytically logical mind.

Many practices later, his journey guides him to sit with a Shaman. Not realising that this ceremony would finally fulfil his previous intentions. This night he would die.

After many ancient breathwork methods, soul retrieval and other shamanic practices, he breaks through into infinite chaos. He finds himself battling with lineal time as a concept and loops through endless lifetimes, rebirths, deaths and suffering, not fully understanding the dimensional shifting, which felt like an eternity.

His consciousness breaks off into many shattered fragments, and the primary focus of the mind centres on a battle with three demons. Each of them gave names and had very specific characteristics.

One was very proud, he ruled, and he raged himself to the forefront of consciousness, he was powerful and owned the body, and there was nothing anyone could do about it as he fed on hot coals and fire. It portrayed itself as a molten coal beast.

One needed to know everything; it was constantly searching for answers, jealous of anyone who knew more or was further than him. He whispered, asked, and intellectualised every experience taking away any allowance or acceptance of the moment. He contorted like dark smoke in the air, blocking access to intuition.

The third was lazy, slothful, and wanted to abuse anything to satisfy its insatiable need for consumption of any pleasures. He was portrayed as a yellowy green obese and unwell looking gargoyle, only caring for himself and what he could get.

The battles raged for lifetimes until the exhaustive loops made the man succumb to the reality of their existence. In acceptance of them and showing each of them love in the way they needed, their powers subsided, and their intentions were satisfied, bringing balance to the internal conflicts.


Finally, I came face to face with stillness, peace, and love. I found myself connected with source, infinite consciousness, universal energy, Aum-Shakti, Rei-ki, the force of many names in many tongues. None of which truly translate its infinite existence, and it was there that everything and nothing made sense, and I found meaning and purpose in my journey through meaningful connection with my family through the ceremony.

After a while and a few intuitive moments, I realised these Demons were nothing more than my imbalanced archetypes, chakras, and energies projecting in a way for me to understand and love my perceptive darker side.

These ‘demons’ now look and act very different and guide me as strong, balanced archetypes down my path of constant discovery and guidance of others. Showing me elements that resonated with my purpose of facilitating safe space and healing through shamanic principles, alchemy, and stoic practices. I now Guide people towards a place of empowerment, discovering life pleasure, happiness, and purpose!

Thank you for your time reading this, and I hope you find something that will help guide you to your purpose in these words!

About the Author

Jase Robinson is a Papa of three beautiful children and a bit of a drifter with a purpose. He currently lives in England and spends most of his time travelling in a caravan with his family and guiding people to a place of happiness and purpose.

You can connect with Jase here:

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