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Reclaim Your Inner Strength and Passion with Red Jasper

Written by Elizabeth Vigar, Fierce Truths Magazine.

Red Jasper, which has been called ‘The Blood of Mother Earth', is reminiscent of the warm red glow of a setting sun. The colour of blood and fire, red is a very strong and passionate colour.

The colour of Red Jasper can vary from a vibrant crimson to an earthy mahogany.

Intensely beautiful, with varying and contrasting depths, dark red crystals like the Red Jasper will channel intense feelings and smouldering passion within your soul. It is a profoundly strengthening, grounding and protective crystal that can reconnect us with our inner strength by activating the Base Chakra.

There is no doubt that many of us are struggling to find a sense of balance and stability during these uncertain times. We could all use a crystal that has the potential to make us feel more empowered and gives us the strength to overcome obstacles. Like having a personal warrior by your side, helping and encouraging you, the protective qualities of Red Jasper will help to guide you through difficult times by inspiring a sense of determination and focus. We could all use a little extra support at times. Maybe you are struggling with unforeseen and challenging circumstances, or perhaps you are trying to cope with a health crisis. If you are looking for a natural boost, why don’t you try wearing a Red Jasper close to your heart? It can offer you emotional and physical protection as well as strength.

The Health Benefits of Red Jasper

Red Jasper has been appreciated for centuries for its’ healing powers. It is said to assist in regulating the metabolic energies in your body. This can give you a sense of increased vitality, endurance and stamina. Used to help with muscle regeneration, Red Jasper is an excellent crystal to keep close if you are suffering from sickness, injury, or prolonged fatigue.

Its’ invigorating energy is also thought to benefit the circulatory system and strengthen your heart. It can help alleviate the symptoms of many different ailments, including anaemia and exhaustion. It also may assist with detoxifying the blood and cleansing the liver.

Red Jasper is a cleansing crystal that can be used to clear your aura of negatives energies. It can help to alleviate stress and strengthen your bond with nature. Red Jasper also supports your ancient connection to Mother Earth, which can calm, centre, and relax you.

Place a Red Jasper crystal in your home to absorb radiation and lessen the effects of environmental and electromagnetic pollution. It can also act as a shield to protect you from the emotional energies and dominance of others, as well as protecting you from feelings that are often very taxing on your soul.

Ways to Use Red Jasper

For a close soul-connection, wear a piece of Red Jasper on your body as a special tribute to yourself and your inner-strength.

To cleanse the energies in your home, place a stone in a central position in your house. Especially where there is a concentration of emotional energy.

To encourage more passion into your life, keep a Red Jasper stone in your bedroom.

To manifest positive changes, use Red Jasper during meditation. Set your intentions and allow yourself to receive strength and guidance.

How to Look After Your Crystal

The best way to maintain and maximise the powers of your crystal is to recharge it under the light of a full moon. First, wash it under cool running water. Then place it under the moonlight for a night. This will restore all its natural energy.

You could also try smudging your Red Jasper with Sage. Burn a smudge stick and allow the crystal to be bathed in the smoke, while you visualise any negative energies disappearing.

Red Jasper is a crystal that has an unbreakable connection with Mother Earth. Through it, you can ground yourself and stand strong, facing life with a newfound perspective. It’s not always easy to stand fearlessly in our authenticity. But by connecting you with your inner power, Red Jasper will accompany you on your healing journey and steer you towards a place of self-empowerment and confidence.

About the AuthoR

Elizabeth Vigar is a creative, activist, and believer in manifestation and dedicated to reaching a wide audience with the power of written empathic communication. She believes in empowerment and connection through emotive language, and she hopes her words inspire and uplift people. She lives in beautiful Far North Queensland with her two children.