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The Healing Power of Sacred Cacao

Written by Elizabeth Vigar, Fierce Truths Magazine.

Renee McCready speaks of the Ancient Power of Sacred Cacao and how it can bring us back into our Heart-Space.

For many of us, our hearts have been closed by trauma and pain. When this happens, our minds begin to rule over our hearts because we have lost trust and faith in our intuition. We become unsure of ourselves and we feel unhappy, and we long to find a way back to our empowerment. We yearn to feel connected to ourselves as beautiful, strong, creative, and feminine creatures. But we have no idea how to harness this innate and integral power.

Renee McCready is a medicine woman, earth doula, and facilitator of the ceremony of Sacred Cacao. She shares with us her intimate thoughts about the ancient medicinal powers of cacao. Renee has experienced how the cacao ceremony can open up a door for all of us to reconnect to our powerful insight and make the journey towards heart expansion and healing.

Despite our busy lives, many of us are feeling a deep longing to reconnect with our true selves and harness an ancestral power buried within us. We sense that this power can guide us to a place of expanded consciousness, that promotes personal understanding and growth. Most of us have no idea how to discover this side of ourselves so that we can begin to find the truth of our heart’s greatest longings. Sacred Cacao is a nurturer, a gift, and a teacher. Renee believes that, through ritual, we have the ability to align with the true blueprint of ourselves so that we can rediscover our connection to nature, the land, and ourselves.

“Everything was put into the land. The land holds all the code. It holds all the medicine knowledge that has been placed in there previously by all the people who came before us. I want to help people remember that part of themselves”.

The Mayan people of Guatemala have been using cacao for centuries as a warming and grounding medicine. It restores our connection with the Mother Earth. In its’ pure raw state, Sacred Cacao can connect us with our spiritual self and gently guide us to a place, long lost, that all women are aching to rediscover: the true desires of our heart.

“One of cacaos main jobs is to bring us into our heart-space, ground us, and help us to reconnect with the earth again. It’s about creating connection. Connection to yourself and connection to the earth”.

Everyone knows that the warm, deep richness of chocolate makes us feel good. There is nothing quite like a hot and steamy mug of thick, sweet cacao. When we indulge in a piece of chocolate, it gives us an endorphin rush that is mixed with feelings of euphoria. This sensation can invigorate our soul. Chocolate is a symbol of love and all the sentiments of the heart, but few of us have any idea that these feelings are dancing around the true magic of Sacred Cacao. Cacao has been used for thousands of years. It became a vital part of ritual and identity for the Mayan people. But today, the invaluable knowledge of its’ healing qualities has almost been lost.

Raw cacao contains calcium, copper, zinc, and selenium and it is full of antioxidants. It is also one of the highest natural sources of magnesium. Cacao increases circulation and oxygenates the body by approximately 40%, which facilitates more oxygen to the brain. Few people realise that cacao has a psychoactive component to it. So, it requires us to understand that it is powerful and sacred medicine. Under optimised conditions and using Shamanic practises, cacao has the power to propel you into a trance-like state that can promote transcendence and transformation.

Renee uses ancient Shamanic practises to guide, both women and men, through the ceremony, focusing on rituals to shift energies. The art of ceremony is unique because it allows the members of the circle to hold space for each other. This practice allows the participants to be truly present in the moment. The Sacred Cacao can transport everyone into their heart-space and takes them on a profound spiritual, healing journey. Through prayer, selfawareness, and mindfulness, many of us are able to open ourselves, allowing the medicine to help us recognise and acknowledge our true feelings.

About the Author

Elizabeth Vigar is a creative, activist, and believer in manifestation and dedicated to reaching a wide audience with the power of written empathic communication. She believes in empowerment and connection through emotive language, and she hopes her words inspire and uplift people. She lives in beautiful Far North Queensland with her two children.

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