What is Old is New Again

Written by Kathy Lather, guest contributor.

I love being on my spiritual journey. I love having new and exciting “magical” things occur in my life, I mean who wouldn’t right? What would you say if I told you that my Great Grandmother and my Nanna as well as my own mother has also had these experiences? They also desired simple things in life and went out looking for them. Would this really surprise you? I don’t think so.

Being “Spiritual” is not a new thing. We all enjoy learning “new” takes on incredibly old traditions or beliefs. Yes, we have access to so many more things for us to purchase, crystals, candles, incense, meditations just to name a few! We can learn from books, the internet and many other people that have chosen the same life path as us and feel great about it. We can speak openly about enjoying having our cards read and talking to our Angels. As we know, history has shown us this was not always the case, we need to be so grateful for these simple things in our everyday lives.

When we look at our spiritual journey, we must be honest with ourselves. It is a wonderful and sometimes extremely hard and heart-breaking journey. But the basics have been around since the dawn of time, the message has always been the same. People in this world and in the past as well as in the future all wish to find the same things on their spiritual journey.

· Love

· Happiness

· Security

Three little things that keep coming up no matter how many people I ask what they want in life.

They want to be loved for just the way they are.

They want to love others and be happy.

They want to feel safe.

They want to have all these things.

I am sure that there are more. We all know you cannot give our love without first learning to love yourself and boy that is a huge step in this life time. To be able to look yourself in the mirror and simply say with passion and feeling, “I love you” and “I Love you just the way you are”.

Such simple things to wish for. Three little words, and yet so hard for many of us to accept within our lives. I have found self-love as well as all the above, due to a connection with my Angels.

I have been mocked and ridiculed for telling people that I speak to Angels about matters or concerns in my life. I am now halfway through my life at 53 years old, and simply do not care what another person thinks of me, my way of life, or my thoughts. I am so happy with my connection with spirit. I was brought up in an incredibly open home, one that allowed my connection to my angels and spirit to flourish. I was incredibly lucky, and I now understand this.

I love working with spirit and my team of Angels each day. I find myself in a loving and beautiful relationship. Today I find that the people around me supports me and my life choices. I live in a paradise. Surrounded by nature. I have more than enough to meet all my commitments. I am incredibly happy. I still feel a bit strange saying those words, as sadly today it feels like we shouldn’t be happy with our life! Which is crazy. Isn’t that what we want?

My happiness didn’t just come to me though. I did and still must work at it each day. Why would you not to enjoy your time here? I think what I am trying to tell you is that the rules of life have not changed. We all want to be loved. We all want to be happy, and we all want to live in a safe and secure place.

In all my years of study, workshops and learning about my spiritual journey I have had to work. No matter who we are we all must do the work.

· This work will teach us how let things go.

· Learn how to cut cords.

· To release thoughts that are limiting us from changing our world.

· Decide on what we want in our lives.

· To accept the belief that we are a person worthy of a loving and caring relationship.

· We know we are deserving of love.

I have investigated many different religions, and different ideas or thinking to enhance my spiritual beliefs. Do you want to know what I found? We really all do want the same things.

Love, happiness, and peace.

I have studied many ways to learn more about - Meditation, Angels, working with spirit, how to connect, how to manifest, how to be grateful, how to raise my vibration to attract good into my world, how to be a better person. A d I have learnt many different takes on old ways. Our desires have basically stayed the same. We all want love in our life. We all want security – through material and emotional ways and we all want to be Happy. Are you picking up the theme? Now you are probably saying – Yes, I want all those things tell me how!

Well, here I go. It won’t be easy. It will take work. How hard you work is up to you. The biggest hurdle is a little thing called TRUST. You need to trust in spirit. You need to find that way, religion, belief that resonates with you and go with it.

Do not worry about anyone else. This is your journey. If you want to connect in with God, Buddha, Angels, your Inner Self, Goddess energy. I am here to tell you - YOU CAN!

The first step for me was finding which belief or direction I was attracted to. My encounter with Archangel Michael was it for me. I am an angel girl all the way. I had seen and spoken to an angel and knew within my heart that they exist. Therefore, my trust was established. I knew in my heart that when I talk and hear angels that my spiritual journey was real.

I can hear you now – saying, “easy for you – you saw an angel”. Yes. At a very pivotal time of my life, where chronic illness was threatening to take me away from all that I loved, yes I saw an angel. I have seen them from an incredibly young age, so I felt at peace with my encounter. I enjoy trusting and loving God and Jesus. I had trust. I learnt to quite my mind through meditation, and listen and watch for signs. I allowed spirit, Divine, and angels into my life.

Will you do the same to find that same love, happiness, and peace?

To help you with your spiritual journey – please make these baby steps a part of your everyday life.

· Step One

Learn to be easy on yourself. You are an amazing person and one with God. This means that you are beautiful inside and out. So find 3 things about yourself each day that is good.

· Step Two

Make a list of 3 things each day you are grateful for. Write them down and put them in a space where you can look back on them at the end of the week. Anything you are grateful for…it can be big or small.

· Step Three

Try to meditate at least 3 to 5 mins a day. Now this doesn’t have to be a big ritual. It can be in the shower, on the loo. Just find a place where you can simply quite your mind. You will start to get better and better at it, and over time learn to let go and connect.


About the Author

Kathy Lather conducts readings, healings and runs workshops on how to bring happiness, love and security to her clients with the help of their angels. Since her own angel encounter with Archangel Michael, Kathy has since developed a love to teach others how to discover their own spiritual journey, and all that is available to them.

Visit Kathy at angelconnections.com.au