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What is Old is New Again

Written by Kathy Lather, guest contributor.

I love being on my spiritual journey. I love having new and exciting “magical” things occur in my life, I mean who wouldn’t right? What would you say if I told you that my Great Grandmother and my Nanna as well as my own mother has also had these experiences? They also desired simple things in life and went out looking for them. Would this really surprise you? I don’t think so.

Being “Spiritual” is not a new thing. We all enjoy learning “new” takes on incredibly old traditions or beliefs. Yes, we have access to so many more things for us to purchase, crystals, candles, incense, meditations just to name a few! We can learn from books, the internet and many other people that have chosen the same life path as us and feel great about it. We can speak openly about enjoying having our cards read and talking to our Angels. As we know, history has shown us this was not always the case, we need to be so grateful for these simple things in our everyday lives.

When we look at our spiritual journey, we must be honest with ourselves. It is a wonderful and sometimes extremely hard and heart-breaking journey. But the basics have been around since the dawn of time, the message has always been the same. People in this world and in the past as well as in the future all wish to find the same things on their spiritual journey.

· Love

· Happiness

· Security

Three little things that keep coming up no matter how many people I ask what they want in life.

They want to be loved for just the way they are.

They want to love others and be happy.

They want to feel safe.

They want to have all these things.

I am sure that there are more. We all know you cannot give our love without first learning to love yourself and boy that is a huge step in this life time. To be able to look yourself in the mirror and simply say with passion and feeling, “I love you” and “I Love you just the way you are”.

Such simple things to wish for. Three little words, and yet so hard for many of us to accept within our lives. I have found self-love as well as all the above, due to a connection with my Angels.